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Friday, 4 January 2019

Required 2D or 3D Graphic Designer / Animator - Qatar

Required  2D or 3D Graphic Designer / Animator - Qatar

We come up with novel ideas for how new technologies can improve the user experience. You should have a real passion for crafting new things and running with ideas. From quick sketching to polished pixel-perfect and everything in between, you are capable in a range of styles beautiful interfaces, diagrams, printed material, presentations, and everything else. We strive to design actions that are discoverable, and easy to perform, with good feedback. You are interested in what goes where on screen and the details of how everything responds from touch down through touch up. Our work often goes beyond traditional patterns and elements. We use animation and code to explore our ideas further. You can express interactive concepts beyond pictures.

We Are looking for:
2D animator / 3D Animator videos.
Must create new attractive videos with new ideas.
He or she must be available in qatar.

Contact 0097431118057